SmartATM Host Interface

SmartATM Service Interface System for SmartBankPro

SmartATM Service Interface System processes all the transactions generated by the certified ATM switch by validating each request against SmartBankPro Core Banking System database and either rejects or authorizes these transactions.

It can handle the mixture operations of centralized or distributed operations of SmartBankPro including inter-branch transactions; it posts transactions into SmartBankPro database.


  • Centralized or distributed SmartBankPro support
  • Inter-branch accounting
  • IBM MQ Series interface (optional)
  • Flat files interface (Optional)
  • Names Pipes Interface (Optional)
  • Comprehensive logs of every transactions
  • Transactions inquires and reporting facilities
  • Up to 300 transactions/Minute
  • Allows online and overnight modes of operations
  • Support of ISO8583 Protocol

SmartATM processes the following financial transactions’ requests:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Purchase transactions
  • Balance enquiries
  • Other supported requests
  • Mini-statement requests
  • Cheque-book requests

SmartATM is expected to be installed in every country or city having SmartBankPro Core Banking System. It has completed a set of tables and security subsystems, which allow the maximum flexibility of operations.

SmartATM SBK HPS Host interface is used to pass all the on-line transactions from PowerCards Switch to SmartATM and SmartBankPro databases; it creates a block record for every authorization request received from PowerCards switch. The end of day procedure is reversing the block and makes real posting into SmartBankPro database.

SmartATM is now working in 15 banks and interfaced to HPS PowerCards, S2M, and transware Switches.

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