SmartIB Internet Banking System

SmartIB Internet Banking System

The SmartIB Internet banking system offers the private and corporate banking clients an easy and state of the art Internet banking system to execute a comprehensive set of banking activities ranging from balance inquiry to funds transfers between the same client’s accounts.

The SmartIB Banking system is built on a latest technology of web development and security policies.

Our in-depth experience of financial services and Internet development experience allowed us to provide our customers with the state of the art secured Internet banking solution.


The system allows the following Functions by default:

  1. Balance Inquiry, Last Three transactions, Account statement Printing, Transfer of Funds between accounts, Cheque Book Request, and Exchange Rate Display.
  2. SSL encryption between the client machine and the web server, to protect the customer against the internet hackers.
  3. Session timeout which allows automatic closing of the customer’s session and prevents the customer from leaving his current page without interacting with the system.

Other Banking functions can be added on demand like:

  1. Credit Card Balance, Debit Card limit and Balance inquiry, Next loan installment date and amount, and Cheques under collection inquiry.
  2. The system uses the SmarteBanking database, which allows SmartPhone Banking, SmartSMS Banking and SmartIB to work together sharing the same security, administration and customer’s downloaded data.
  3. The system can work in online mode with the Core banking system, or with its local database according to the last downloaded data from the Core Banking System.

SmartIB is a web-based application and more features are pointed out here:

  • Can be accessed from any part of the world, as opposed to stand alone or manual system, and provides information at any time, anywhere round the clock to the customers
  • Even though it is a web-based application it will keep the details of its clients private and no body is allowed to tinker with the details
  • The customer needs to register, by which he is given user name and password through which he can login and do the transactions whatever he wants to do. It provides easy to use and user friendly interface for the user
  • Provides freedom to the user to move freely around various screens and status of the system returned, as it was when he left the screen
  • The user can access the system at any time, because it’s 24-hour online from any where in the world
  • The customer can do all the work online without persisting him to go to the bank like he can deposit the money, transfer amount from account to another account, can get this available balance, able to see the transaction reports that has done etc to mention a few
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